H4P Health Cloud

Data & Analytics


A new perspective for care pathways’ analysis

The Health for People platform offer new perspectives to analyze care pathways.

The deployment of one of our solutions allows data to be structured around care pathways. By unifying patient, vendor and financial and management software data, our platform provides analytics capability beyond what is traditionally possible.

This means that you can get a more accurate view of patient cohorts, and measure the impact of care pathways and components on the patient's recovery as it occurs and not six months later.


Measure ROI from your automated pathways

Easily track subjective and objective data on the outcomes of care pathways recorded by physicians and patients across the continuum of care.

By monitoring and analysing the data collected and structured by our solutions, our platform can help you track key indicators to understand and measure the value and efficiency of your care delivery organization and compare it to patient experience (PROMS, PREMS, ...)


Care pathway optimization

A clinic wants to determine whether extending the length of its appointment slots could produce better outcomes for its patients.
In the facility some doctors already receive patients on appointments for an average of 10-15 minutes longer.

Using the Health For People platform, the facility can compare the results of the two types of simple and lengthy routes and make informed decisions about moving to one or the other to provide the patient with the most suitable route.