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Increase the added value of your e-health services & solutions by integrating the capabilities of our medical expert system.

Our Vision

Tomorrow's e-health services have 2 major challenges to overcome

Manage more complex care pathways

The rise of e-health has led to the multiplication of solutions for health professionals, limiting their adherence to these new uses. Tomorrow's solutions will have to broaden their scope of action and be able to work on large perimeters (multi-pathologies, multi-pathways) in order to offer a simplified approach to healthcare professionals.

Optimizing the time of healthcare professionals

The analysis of the health data reported by the solutions requires caregivers time to interpret and decide on the orientations to be given. This time they do not have today. Tomorrow's solutions will optimize their time as much as possible by pre-processing information and allowing the delegation of roles within a strictly regulated framework.


A health expert system “As A Service” to facilitate the digitization of health pathways

Health For People expert system allows e-health service providers to integrate decision support and automation functionalities to power highly complex pathway on large medical perimeters

Data Classification

Our health data model allows you to manipulate your data according to dozens of concepts (pathologies, pathway types, patient profile, etc.) to dynamically adapt them to the needs of users on each health pathway.


The expert system allows you to enrich and enhance your data by interpreting it automatically to identify thousands of metadata (patient profiles, medical issues, etc.) that can be used more effectively by healthcare professionals.


The expert system generates decision trees for the health pathways. Its inference engine with tens of thousands of rules provides the relevant combinatorial medical expertise to support increasingly complex pathways (precision medicine).


The system allows you to automate the course of the health journey and manage the level of intervention of each actor (doctors, nurse, pharmacists, patients or system) by only asking them at key moments to optimize their time.


Traceability, Security and Scalability: essential conditions to build trust and future proof services

Generalist & Scalable

The expert system already covers 100 chronic pathologies and 50 age-related dependencies. It can quickly adapt to any new needs and support them over time..

100% Explainable & Traceable

The results of the expert system algorithms are based on knowledge of references and the application of logical rules, which makes it possible to explain each result and each step.

Simplicity & Security

The services can be integrated in the form of FHIR APIs and has a data hub to link data silos. The data is hosted by an approved health data host (HDS).


Healthcare professionnals,
please meet TOMA. Santé

Efficient and quality care pathways

TOMA.Sante is a solution centered on the coordination and distribution of roles between healthcare professionals, freeing up medical time and improving the quality of medical care.


It relies on the Health For People medical expertise system to:

100 chronic pathologies et 50 age-related dependencies

TOMA.Santé for :

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