Give healthcare
the technology it deserves

From preparing a patient for surgery or tracking the progress of their chronic disease, deploying prevention and screening solutions, interpreting results of biological analyses, our platform providing technologies and educational content help patients and healthcare professionals to implement the healthcare of tomorrow.


Bring health to people

Our e-health platform was developed with one goal: to empower everyone to understand healthcare and become an active player in their care journey.

7 out of 10 French people expect more information about their health.

15 million people in France must learn to live with their chronic conditions

25% of the screening paths recommended by the institutes are not offered.

20% of acts and examinations carried out are not justified.

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Empowered patients

Our platform has been developed to help patients to play an active role in shaping their care journey and stay in touch with their entire care team so they feel reassured and guided at each steps of the care journey.






Digital care pathways to optimize care delivery

Our platform enables to operationalize digital care pathways.

The health Intelligence capabilities of our platform make possible to build and manage individual care pathways by applying medical knowledge at large scale, facilitate remote patient tracking, automate analysis, pilot care pathway performance and collect data.

We want to help healthcare professional to spend more quality time with your patients.

The pillars of our health platform

Patient centric

TOMA is a patient-centric solution. Each care pathway is unique, created from each individual patient's health profile in a multi-pathological context.

Health intelligence

TOMA uses a complex hybrid artificial intelligence system that is capable of applying medical knowledge to enable care pathway management.

Health Education

TOMA uses a library of thousands of health media content and coaching programs to inform, educate the patient and empower him to play an active role in shaping their care journey

APIs & Integration

Our solutions and services are designed to be integrated and connected with a wide range of systems using our integration and development kits API and SDKs.

Data & Analytics

TOMA can provide a 360-degree perspective of your care pathways by collecting and organizing reliable real life data on the care pathway to measure its value and efficiency and compare it to patient experience (PROMS, PREMS, ...)


TOMA and Health For People Health Cloud are compliant with the French regulatory framework for Health Data management as well as GDPR requirement. All our systems we used are 'healthcare data host’ accredited.


Solutions for the entire health continuum

Health for People connected health offering allows you to deploy digital solutions across all moments of health and on all therapeutic areas.


Get a personal health assistant to guide you through your care journey

Introducing TOMA., the health assistant : the solution for care journey management based on Health For People health cloud.

TOMA. is the link between a patient and its health care professionals team. It facilitates the care journey for both sides.

The solution includes a mobile application for the patient and a web interface for healthcare professionals.


Maximize value from your existing solutions

At Health For People, we are convinced that the transformation of health system needs an open & collaborative approach from all stakeholders.

Our solutions and services are designed to be integrated and connected with various systems (software, system, web/mobile application, etc.) or with partner features using our integration and development kits (API and SDKs) to enrich their ranges of services.