Next Generation
care pathway management

From preparing a patient for surgery or tracking the progress of their chronic disease, deploying prevention and screening solutions, interpreting results of biological analyses, our products help patients and healthcare professionals to implement the healthcare of tomorrow.

Our purpose

Facilitate care pathways

Give everyone the ability to become an empowered player in their care journey.

Helpcare givers to manage the increasing complexity of their daily activities.

Millions of people must learn to live with their chronic pathologies.

The need for care increases continuously with the development of chronic diseases.

The development of 4P medicine (predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory) generates complex, multidisciplinary care pathways.

In 2021, medical knowledge will double every 73 days. This is a major challenge for the medical community.


Cloud based solution
for optimal care pathway management

Products (standalone or API)

Patient Engagement

Digital health education programs for patient engagement and observance.

Decision Hub

Medical insights & therapeutic options evaluation.

Careflow Manager

Automation and assisted management of care workflows.

Content As A Service (API)


Our products for optimal care pathways

Patient engagement

The patient actor of his health journey

Offer customizable educational programs to allow everyone to play an active role in their health journey and gain autonomy by having access to structured programs and validated content.






Decision support for optimal care

Save time to analyze patient profile with our risk indicators and get appropriate care options from the library to strengthen your decision.


Operationalize clinical decisions

CareFlow Manager translates protocols and patient profile into a task-based personalized care plan that can navigate all care team members.

Should any new information arrive or change, it will automatically recommend a course change to keep everyone on track.

Content As A Service

Add educational content to your solutions

Do you want to boost  your e-health solutions usage by providing medically validated content to users? Our medical knowledge & educational content are easily accessible via our APIs to allow you to quickly enrich your services.


Choose how you want to use our products


Our ready-to-use products!


Integrate our products as complete modules in your solution.


Use the features of our products as back-end services for your solutions.

The pillars of our health platform

Health intelligence

A complex hybrid artificial intelligence system that is capable of transalte medical knowledge into care pathway management.


Our medical protocol editor allows you to structure medical knowledge and digitize any type of protocol. Our teams integrate and keep these protocols updated. Use them or adapt them according to your needs!

Health Education

A library of thousands of health media content and coaching programs to inform, educate the patient and empower him to play an active role in shaping their care journey

APIs & Integration

Our solutions and services are designed to be integrated and connected with a wide range of systems using our integration and development kits API and SDKs.

Data & Analytics

A 360-degree perspective of your care pathways by collecting and organizing reliable real life data on the care pathway to measure its value and efficiency and compare it to patient experience (PROMS, PREMS, ...)


Our infrastructures are compliant with the French regulatory framework for Health Data management as well as GDPR requirement. All our systems we used are 'healthcare data host’ accredited.


Solutions for the entire health continuum

Health for People connected health offering allows you to deploy digital solutions across all moments of health and on all therapeutic areas.

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